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Our services include:

Ridge Augmentation or Bone Graft:

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone surrounding the dental cavity of the lost tooth begins to deteriorate and lose its shape. This deterioration of the jawbone can make dental implants very difficult to receive without a little help. Ridge augmentation is a process by which the jawbone can be reformed in order to allow for the placement of dental implants.

Dental implants:

Can be defined as a device made of titanium to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants can be beneficial in preserving bone in the area(s) of missing teeth. The bone of the jaw accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post. Dental implants can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures.They can also be used as anchorage for orthodontic tooth movement. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure performed to expose a greater amount of tooth structure for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth prosthetically.

Gingival Graft

A generic name for any of a number of surgical periodontal procedures whose combined aim is to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with grafted oral tissue. The covering of exposed root surfaces accomplishes a number of objectives: the prevention of further root exposure, decreased or eliminated sensitivity, decreased susceptibility to root caries and cosmetic improvement. (More specific grafts: Connective, Free, or Pedicle grafts).

Intraoral Photographs

are taken to document the visual appearance of your teeth and gingival tissues. The photographs will help Dr. Abdoney monitor your periodontal health and healing before, during and after surgery. Pre operative, surgical, and post operative Photographs will provide visual documentation to your insurance company to support the purpose of the surgery.

Osseous Surgery:

Designed to modify and reshape deformities in the alveolar bone surrounding the teeth. It is a common requirement in effective treatment of more involved periodontal diseases. In some instances, the bony support of the tooth assumes an unusual configuration as a result of uneven progression of the disease. When this occurs, modification of the altered bone support may be needed with bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration.

LANAP (Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery)

We are pleased to announce that by April of 2013 we can offer this minimally invasive procedure .The specific wavelength of the laser can distinguish between healthy and diseased gums and removes pathogens without injuring the healthy tissues. This treatment provides less discomfort and faster healing time. LANAP Procedure Animation

Scaling and Root Planing:

A form of non-surgical periodontal therapy , also referred to as deep cleaning. This procedure helps in more minor cases of periodontal diesease to remove the bacteriological agents which cause the disease and aids in preventing bone loss.

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